Bormio, the Spa and skiresort with an ancient past and long-lasting traditions!

The village of Bormio is a typical mountain village but it can boast an ancient past and long-lasting traditions! In the roman time it was known for its thermal water, in the Middle Ages it was very important for the transit of goods and people. Nowdays Bormio is a world-known ski resort, which shows in its historical centre its ancient history, its past-wealthy and its past- relevance. Bormio is located in the Rhaetian Alps, in an area connecting our territory to the Tyrolian area which was very strategic for the goods dealing.

An ancient road called the “ Wine Road” led, passing through Bormio, to the area on the other side of the Alps granting and increasing the wine export. Wine is still today a very important good for the economy in our valley . On the other hand that road was called “Salt road “because the salt, which was extracted in the salt mining in Tyrol, was exported to our territories passing through Bormio. Salt was a kind of white-gold because thanks to the salt it was possible to preserve meat. Bormio was also in the middle of this flourishing commerce and still today we can see the signs of its ancient past.

Bormio is today a well-known ski resort which offers to their guests kilometres of skislopes. The “Queen” of the slopes is the “Pista Stelvio”, a downhill slope which allows the champions to run down in two minutes and few seconds, 3.230 km, 986 metres vertical heights with a gradient of 60% and arriving at the Ski Stadium directly in Bormio!

In springtime and summertime Bormio offers a lot of excursions in the Stelvio National Park, where you can admire beautiful mountain landscape but wild animals as well. If you like cycling you can cycle till the Stelvio Pass, the highest pass in Europe!

The figurehead of Bormio is the thermal offer that you can have the whole year round and that was already well-appreciated in the ancient time. In the three Thermal Spas you can heal and relax in thermal water. This water was well-kown for its healing properties even long time ago when the Celts worshipped a God of warm water who was called “Bormione” and who seemed to have given the name to our village!

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